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Over a quarter century, the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics of Kasetsart University was the only institution of higher education in Thailand which offered formal degree training in agricultural economics. Since 1960's, there has been a rapid expansion in higher education and this has led to the establishment of B.S. degree program in agricultural economics in the regional universities. Starting from 1961 the Department of Agricultural Economics, became a regional center for short and long term training for midcareer professionals from the ASEAN member countries.

In 2005, the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics of Kasetsart University launched the international Ph.D. program in agricultural economics in recognition of a rapid international agricultural development. Until now, our Ph.D. program remains the only doctoral program of its discipline in Thailand, and increasingly recognized by international scholars. It is a research-oriented program that aims of enhancing the analytical skills of mid-career, professionals and promising young academicians, with emphasis on empirical and applied research in agricultural and resource economics.

Our diverse international Ph.D. students have successfully broaden regional and international exchange of ideas in agricultural and resource development and policy issues into high quality research and publications that have been recognized internationally. Students have frequently engaged in collaborative research with international scholars and received international training from collaborative partners. The program has successfully created distinguished researchers in several countries including Ethiopia, Myanmar, Laos PDR, and Thailand.