Asst. Prof. Dr. Attavanich, Witsanu
Interested Research Areas
Economics related to: Climate Change; Public Program and Policy Evaluation; Energy; Food; Demand Analysis and Forecasting; Analysis of Dynamic Prices; Applied Econometrics and Optimization; Transportation; Environment
  Asst. Prof. Dr. Bunyasiri, Isriya
Interested Research Areas
(1) Agricultural Policy
(2) Rice Market
(3) Poverty
(4) Macroeconomics and International Finance
  Dr. Duangbootsee, Uchook
Interest Research Areas
(1) Agricultural Policy
(2) Rice Market
(3) Development Economics
(4) Production Economics
  Asst Prof. Dr. Janekarnkij, Penporn
Interested Research Areas
(1) Economics of natural resources and environment and policy focusing on resource conservation
and poverty alleviation
(2) non-market valuation of ecosystem services and biodiversity.

    Dr. Lilavanichakul, Apichay
Interest Research Areas
(1) Food Economics and Marketing
(2) Demand Analysis
(3) Economics of Food Quality
(4) Industrial Organization
  Asst. Prof. Dr. Mahathanaseth, Itthipong
Interested Research Areas
(1) Empirical industrial organization
(2) Production economics
(3) Computable general
(4) equilibrium model
(5) Applied econometrics
  Asst. Prof. Dr. Napasintuwong, Orachos (main researcher)
Interested Research Areas
(1) Economics of Agricultural Biotechnology
(2) Production Economics
(3) Economics of Agricultural Science, Technology and Innovation
  Dr. Photchanaprasert, Nuttapon
Interested Research Areas
(1) International Trade and Investment
(2) Agricultural Marketing
  Dr. Potchanasin, Chakrit
Interested Research Areas
(1) Agricultural Product Marketing
(2) Economics of Agricultural Production
(3) Application of Multi Agent System Model in Agricultural Economics
  Dr. Suchato, Ravissa
Interested Research Areas
(1) Agricultural Economics
(2) Industrial Organization
(3) Agricultural Policy

  Dr. Sukkumnoed, Decharut
Interested Research Areas
(1) Rural Development
(2) Agricultural Industrial
(3) Resource Management

  Dr. Sanglestsawa, Santii
Interested Research Areas
(1) Resource Economics
(2) Non-market valuation
(3) Economics of Agricultural Science and Technology, and Innovation
  Asst. Prof. Dr. Suphannachart, Waleerat
Interested Research Areas
(1) Development Economics 
(2) R&D Impact Assessment
  Dr. Tanompongphandh, Thanasin
Interested Research Areas
(1) Applied Economics Analysis
(2) Agricultural Finance
(3) Market Microstructure
(4) Trade and Investment



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